Did you know that A&P may be the most important course you take?

All programs require a C or above and some require an A or B to be competitive.

I have taught A&P for over 10 years and have students that rock it every semester. Do you want to know their secrets?

Success in Anatomy & Physiology takes:




Could doing well in A&P change your life? YES 

What does a career in healthcare mean to you?

  •  Money 
  •  Job Security 
  •  Career You're Proud Of 
  •  Ability to Serve Your Community 
  •  Ability to Travel
  •  Volunteer Opportunites here and around the globe.

If you are worried about what A&P might do to your GPA and your dreams, then the next step towards A&P success is The A&P Foundation Session

The A&P Foundation Session is the bridge to get you from your worry and to your success in A&P.

Payment Plans Available

Stop worrying and get ready for A&P.

  •  Basic Skills (including study skills)
  •  Time Management
  •  Background Knowledge

Do you know how to create a study plan?

Do you know how to create time blocks and make a schedule for yourself?

Do you remember the information from your high school biology and chemistry classes?

If you can't answer YES to all three of these, you need this course.

Don't wait until you are so far behind that you can't catch up!

Protect Your Wallet, Your Time, and Your GPA.


  • At my local community college, the price of one semester of A&P is almost $700 without books. Students retake this course over and over to get a better grade. 
  •  For less than 10% of your investment in A&PI and A&PII, you can build that background knowledge to take the course and be successful the first time. 


  • I can't guarantee that you will make an A in A&P, but if you take this course seriously then it will improve your experience in A&P.
  • Don't waste time retaking A&P when the issues aren't going to get addressed in the course. If you don't know how to study, schedule your study time, or the background retaking doesn't help.  


  • During the live course, you will have a coaching call over each module and access to me via email and the discussion board. It is almost like having a tutor available. 
  • More Confidence = Less Test Anxiety
  • This course access continues, so you will have access to the course if you get stuck. You will also have access to an alumni group for extra support. 

Who is this class for?

  • This course is for students that have completed the high school science coursework but are still worried about taking A&P.
  • This class could serve as a stand-alone science course for homeschoolers.  
  • Students that may be returning to school and it has been more than a year since their last biology class.
  •  Students who are determined and ready to make sacrifices to get prepared.

Who is this class NOT for?

  • Students that will be taking their A&P course within a year of finishing their previous coursework in Biology and Chemistry (assuming students have passed those classes with a B or above).
  • Students who feel like they don't have the time to study.
  • Students who are being influenced by others to make this choice. This is a course that is often hard to complete without serious commitment.

What can you expect ?

Introductory VIP Pre-Sale pricing goes away soon.


6 Learning Modules focus on building your background knowledge to create the foundation for success.

What will you be learning?

Module 1: Study Skills and Tools. 

Module 2: PREVIEW THIS LESSON: Building your Vocabulary. Getting into homeostasis.  

Module 3:Do you have chemistry? What about biology?

Module 4:There is more to cells that organelles. Focus on plasma membrane.

Module 5: Centrol Dogma. The roles of DNA & RNA.

Module 6: Tissues: Identifying and describing the different tissues in the body.

I'm Kim from The Learning Hypothesis. I have over 10 years of experience teaching A&P to college students. 

There are some very common characteristics in students that excel. They have basic skills, they manage their time, and they have a good working background knowledge. 

The A&P Foundation Session was born from years of seeing students waste their time and money or even worse give up on their dream. 

A&P doesn't have to be a course that kills your GPA or costs you thousands of dollars to take over and over. 

Trial Period

The trial period ends 7 days after purchase or 7 days after the course opens on January 17th, whichever is longer. 


"You might get frustrated, laugh and possibly cry, but one thing is for sure; you will learn Anatomy and Physiology. Mrs. Santee is an excellent teacher and if you ever have the chance to have her in class, then jump on that opportunity. Mrs. Santeeā€™s curriculum is easy to follow. She does an excellent job of breaking down complicated topics into smaller subtopics." - past student

"I had the privilege of attending Kim's class for A&P 1 and 2. I read a lot and found that many of my college teachers got tripped up on questions not found in the text. This is not the case with Kim. She lays bare the juggernaught, with a confidence that only competence can bring. Given the current state of things in schools. She's like a breath of fresh air." - past student

Invest in yourself so you can protect your larger investment later!

A&P can be a difficult course, but in all honesty some of the best students are not always the ones that get straight A's. Passion goes along way in making someone a great nurse or other healthcare worker. This course fills in the gap that passion can't fill. 

If you feel like it has been a long time since your high school science coursework, or you never really put much effort into your studies, or you are just nervous about bridging the gap between high school an college this course is the fix you are looking for.

The healthcare crisis is real. The nursing boards have gotten harder. Programs want people that can graduate and get involved in their career path and give back. A&P is the foundation for your career. Doing well is important so that you can build from there. It is all about the foundation.

This is an Introductory Offer- that is why it is such a great deal!

This is the first time I have offerred this course. There are great things about that including the price (it will never be offered at this VIP Pricing again) and you can have some say in the flow of the course. I want to meet you where you are in terms of your background knowledge. 

The negative is that I have to be real about the time and money investment on my end. I have to at least make my invest back to create this course. I reserve the right to cancel this course if a minimum number of students do not enroll. I will refund your course payments if that occurs. I will be making that decision on or before January 9, 2017.



When does the course start and finish? 

The course starts on January 17th. A new module will open every two weeks in the live course.This course includes online lectures, worksheets, live coaching calls, and grading. 

In the self-paced course, 2 modules will open on January 17th and the remaining modules will become available over the next 3 weeks. There are no live coaching calls or grading available in the self-paced course.

How long do I have access to the course? 

 After enrolling, you have unlimited access for 3 years from date of enrollment.

 What if I am unhappy with the course? 

We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 7 days and we will give you a full refund. 

 How much time do I need to complete this course? 

For the live course, you will have at least one assignment for each module. Each module is designed to take two weeks. I would anticipate a 2-3 hour commitment each week. That includes watching the lectures, completing the workbook, and any other graded work. That doesn't include any coaching calls. 

 How much does it cost? 

The introductory VIP Pre-Sale pricing is as follows: Live Course $97 and Self-Directed Course $67

VIP pricing is only available for a limited time. The full price for this course will be $297 after this introductory course offering. 

How will the materials be delivered? 

All course materials will be available on teachable.  

 Am I right for this program? 

This program is designed for students that have completed high school biology and chemistry classes. It is designed for students that want to be ahead before going into college level A&P. If you aren't sure if you need this course, please take the pre-test. You can also email me at kim@learninghypothesis. com.